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The Great Fire: In Real Time
3D animated maps of 1666 London, fiery timelines and special effects help bring to life the spread of history’s most infamous inferno. A three-day, real-time, landmark television event, the three presenters chart the course of the Fire as it affects three Londoners’ lives as the eastern wind drives it from the source in a repositioned Pudding Lane across to the Law Courts in the West and to the London Wall in the north. (A Lion Television Production for Channel Five):

China: Treasures of the Jade Empire
Designs for a title card, 3D tomb plans and street layouts, continental and regional maps and a 3D jade mummy for a Secret History documentary (A Lion Television Production for Channel Four): For the first time China’s most spectacular tombs are being opened – bringing to life the full glory of China’s Golden Age; amazing proof of their luxury and wealth; treasures of gold, magnificent silk and priceless jade watched over by a vast, new terracotta army.

America’s Secret D-Day Disaster
Title card, 3D naval manoeuvres and maps and content graphics for a one-off documentary for the Smithsonian Channel (A TVT Production): The full story of the secret D-Day training exercise in England, which went horribly wrong and cost the lives of hundreds of American servicemen. An investigation into the military disaster, which killed 639 GIs and sailors in April, 1944, as they prepared for the Normandy landings. With exclusive testimony from veterans, secret documents and rare archive. This film lifts the lid on 70-year-old allegations that American lives were unnecessarily lost during a routine amphibious landing rehearsal. Did the supreme commander, General Eisenhower, expose rookie troops to a dangerous live-firing exercise, ending in a deadly English Channel ambush by German torpedo boats?

What The Dambusters Did Next
Titles, maps, diagrams and content graphics for a one-off documentary for Channel 5: To mark the 70th anniversary of one of the most intricate and perilous feats of flying in the history of military aviation, TVT Productions presents a documentary about the RAF’s legendary wartime bomber squadron known as The Dambusters. Following the most audacious bomber squadron in history on their next mission and presented by ex-RAF navigator and POW, John Nichol, What The Dambusters Did Next, uses unseen archive and previously secret mission logs to uncover wartime operations that have never been revealed before.

Brazil Inside Out
Titles, maps and content graphics for a 5-part BBC series following presenter Alex Bellos’ experiences of
the architecture, religion, history, art and music across South America’s largest country.

Egyptian Journeys with Dan Cruickshank
Title sequence and maps etc for this six-part BBC series. Selected key shots of the man himself were intertwined with layered and treated angles of the most iconic structures in history. I also wanted to incorporate hieroglyphics into the title logo.
The programme title was changed from starting with Dan’s name to starting with the word Egypt so the first three letters EGY appeared on Sky Planner search results(!)
Dan Cruickshank explores the mysteries of Ancient Egypt. It accompanied the docudrama counterpart series “Egypt” that was showing on BBC1 at the time.

Dispatches: Why London
Content graphics supporting a Dispatches on the 7/7 bombing in London 2005.

War At Sea
Titles, maps and other content graphics for a three-part BBC documentary series recalling the Royal Navy’s greatest battles. From Jutland to The Med to The Falklands. Presented by Professor Andrew Lambert.
Master background sequence edited by Alex Archer.

Love You To Death
Titles and content graphics and rostrum for a series of three documentaries looking at different cases of modern crimes of passion.
An Evans Woolfe production for Channel 5