Commercials, promos and event openers for pharma, entertainment, food industries etc…

Suzy Lamplugh Trust – 35 Years
My first TV commercial: an animated 30 second advert for Sky and Terrestrial TV creating awareness of the Suzy Lamplugh Trust.

Freddie’s Farm
A new brand of of healthy kids’ snacks mixed in with the history and process taking place at Perry Court Farm. Bringing the characters and graphics of the packaging to life. For your packaging needs please visit Pack&Brand

Bringing Life to London
A mix of London landmarks and a strong event identity with a fun soundtrack makes this pop visually, with instantly identifiable scenes with a sprinkling of humour. Sanofi Eventis

Kew the Music
This outdoor music event celebrates its famous location through video packed with colour, nature and life.

Berlin Immunology Summit
Another great location to work with in terms of bringing the visuals together for this important medical summit outlining the key areas of the city of Berlin that the delegates can enjoy.